Russophobia II: a vague and confused sense of paranoia



Vladimir Putin’s actions regarding Crimea have been met with lots of “fears” and “worries” in the West. But what are these fears based on? Some say that we must learn from history, but I would argue that in order to learn from history, we must first knowsomething about history. On the surface, it may look to the European or American public that Putin (in classic Hitler style) is using the excuse of protecting Russians in Crimea to begin a step-by-step invasion of Ukraine, and then perhaps even more.

Leaving aside for now the obvious problem that the anti-Russia forces within Ukrainian politics are partly composed of fascist, neo-Nazi groups, even groups which worship the fascist, Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera, Putin’s actions in Ukraine (as Dr. Webster G. Tarpley among others points out) must be regarded by any sane observer as defensive in nature. Following the fall of the Soviet Empire…

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