Bertolt Brecht: In war the attacker always has an alibi

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Bertolt Brecht: Selections on war


Bertolt Brecht
From Threepenny Novel (1934)
Translated by Desmond I. Vesey


“…An alibi, to be effective, must be arranged, and it only is arranged when a crime is contemplated. That is an integral part of all criminal practice. Look at politics! Whenever, for example, a war is started, there are always alibis. Not to speak of a coup d’état! The victim is always responsible. The attacker has an alibi!”


“Loyalty,” Brown, the old soldier, often used to say among his most intimate friends, “loyalty is only found among soldiers. Why is that? The answer is simple: because the soldier is taught loyalty. When one has to make a bayonet attack – which happens usually for no reason at all – and when one has to hack and stab and grind, then a man must…

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