U.S. Marine Commander Readies Georgian Military On Russia’s Southern Border

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Ministry of Defence of Georgia
March 20, 2014

Lieutenant General Richard Tryon at National Defence Academy


Within the two day long visit to Georgia, Commander of the United States Marine Corps Forces in Europe visited Davit Agmashenebeli National Defence Academy. Chief of General Staff of GAF, Major-General Vakhtang Kapanadze and NDA Rector Zurab Agladze hosted Lieutenant General Richard Tryon.

U.S. General held meeting with the military of Captain Career and Junior Officers’ Courses at the NDA hall. He delivered a lecture on the history of the foundation of Marine Forces and the current tasks of the Command. The meeting went on in an interactive format. Georgian military asked questions to the U.S. Commander about ISAD mission, handover of full security responsibility to the Afghan National Security Forces and the role of sergeants’ corps in the Armed Forces.

“This day was very important for the entire personnel of the Academy. The…

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