The Crimea referendum: why you probably shouldn’t care


1. Crimea is mostly Russian, has been for a long time, and will be part of Russia from now on as it was before. Might as well get used to it.

Crimea was a part of Russia until 1954, when Nikita Khrushchev, an ethnic Ukrainian, gave Crimea to Ukraine.

The major ethnic groups are: Russians (58.32%), Ukrainians (24.32%), Crimean Tatars (12.10%).

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Crimea has become part of Russia…

Treaty to accept Crimea, Sevastopol to Russian Federation signed, from RT:

It’s not really a big deal…

Russia has every right to do this…

…and luckily, it’s not your problem!

The treaty has been signed, it’s a done deal. The Russians didn’t invade anyone – or if they did, they did it without firing a shot. Russians in Crimea are happy, Russians in the rest of Russia are happy – get over it! Chances are, if you’re reading this…

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6 Responses to The Crimea referendum: why you probably shouldn’t care

  1. Vlad Jersian says:

    Sorry Roland.. being of Ukrainian origin and having living friends and relatives that are currently in Ukraine in constant contact with me.. I can uncatagorically state that most of this posting i totally FALSE…

    You truly surprise me.

    • rolandrjs says:

      I understand your concern and viewpoint Vlad–I have close friends in the Russian Federation too–which whom I talk at least twice a week. Although, to be honest, I find your “you truly surprise me” comment a bit over the line. I have been following this for years, and have provided numerous highly credible sources of facts as well as perspectives. You have no respect for that? Professor Stephen F. Cohen, now emeritus and NYU and Princeton? Prof. Maximilian Forte? Hell, Noam Chomsky himself–google what he has had to say about what’s been going on–ever since the immediately-broken 1991 agreement with Gorbachev re NATO expansion. By disrespecting me, you implicitly disrespect these sources, along with several others I haven’t mentioned. There are two diametrically-opposed narratives going on w/r/t Ukraine, Crimea and the Russian Federation. The only thing that can logically be drawn from this is that both narratives cannot be true; they could both be false, they could both be true in some aspects and not in others.

      I sure as hell don’t claim to know the details of what is going on right now. The central questions for me are: 1. To what extent do those who hold actual power (especially over the Ukrainian military), in Ukraine right now, consist of the various fascist elements I hear and read about, but which are mostly left out of the Western Narrative? Are these anti-Semitic (Truly anti-Semitic), Russia-hating, not to mention Europe-hating, thugs controlling events, toppling the central, democratically-elected (albeit corrupt–Putin thinks this too, btw) government in Kiev? And 2. To what extent is the Russian Federation, and President Putin himself, acting “aggressively” w/r/t Ukraine?

      The Western narrative has been demonizing Russia generally and Putin specifically, for some time now–we’ve seen this play before. I have yet to find any verified or verifiable facts supporting ay of this, and I have tried. Example: The Georgian invasion of South Ossetia in 2008; it just so happens, a close friend of mine was there at the time. It also happens to be an easily verifiable FACT that Georgia invaded South Ossetia, and that Russian forces, after waiting three days, finally stepped in to stop the slaughter. Are you familiar with the background of then-Georgian President Shakosvily (sp?)? Google him. Are you aware of the known, admitted, verified FACTS about US financial and special military ops aid to Georgia during and before that time? Or the, at the time covert, now quite open, CIA and special ops bases crawling all over Azerbaijan, most especially just outside Baku? Have you noticed the decades-long encirclement of the Russian Federation by the US/NATO coalition? Including all their Orwellian-named missile “defense” bases right of Russia’s borders? I could go on . . . .
      And ask yourself: Who stands to benefit from a new “Cold War”? Can you say “military contractors”? Especially those in the US–who also control much of the mainstream media here. And, as naked greed knows no boundaries, I’m sure there are Russian Oligarchs/ “Defense” concerns, who would also just love to see a total deterioration of US-Russian relations–that’s going to be true anywhere. Who is hurt by this? Everyone else–your friends/family in Ukraine, my friends in Russia, the German taxpayer, the American taxpayer–the whole goddamned world except for the few global elites who hold real power in these matters.

      I look at US history, especially, US foreign policy–from the founding of the Republic to today: I ask myself, just what is the US “foreign policy”? It turns out, that’s remarkable easy to learn; look at the (Bill) Clinton “doctrine,” keep in mind a few pertinent statements by his then Secretary of State Madeleine Albright; then fast-forward to the infamous Fall, 2002 Bush doctrine. They don’t even try to hide this stuff, except from the media. Go to the goddamned State Department website, look at some of the neo-liberal/neo-con’s Memoirs; it’s all right there–most of them are proud of it. (See Chomsky, Bruce Gagnon, and just about anyone else on this.)

      More recent examples, to obvious to waste much time on: Do you Really think the Invasion of Iraq was justified, or done for any of the silly (and changing, as each became just too obvious) reasons given by the US and echoed in the NYT and everyone else not marginalized to the “radical extreme”? Like, for example, Scott Ritter, who knew what the hell he was talking about, and wouldn’t shut up; was quickly demonized and marginalized. C’mon Vlad, give me a break. You know (or you ought to know) that the US has a long, genocidal history of invading, raping, extracting resources from, achieving geo-political strategic advantage in, many countries–many of them democracies–around the world. And of lying to the American public about it, usually under such absurd guises as “spreading freedom and democracy,” or–this was Goebbels’s favorite, and has been used for time immemorial–protecting us (in the US) from the wicked Hun, Communist, Terrorist–fill in the blank–just make people afraid, very afraid, and they will support, some of them idiotic enough to go and kill or be killed for what they think is “making us safe,” when, in fact, they’re really making the world safe for further US Imperialist hegemony and for the interests of huge multi-national corporations. Surely you know THAT? If not, get a clue!

      Jen Psaki, in this morning’s press briefing, breezily asserted that “Russian forces had overthrown one of Ukraine’s naval bases in Sevastopol; an RT reporter challenged her on the facts–Psaki obviously, painfully, had nothing–squat–after a couple of diversionary tactics, she cut the RT reporter off and went on to a more friendly question.

      And that pretty much sums up the provided factual basis for “Russian aggression.” Not the propaganda–lord knows, we’re neck-deep in that–but the demonstrated

      Frankly, I don’t know how much RT is spinning (propagandizing) this too. Maybe a little, maybe a lot. But I do know that the narrative put forward by the US/NATO/EU is, at best, unsubstantiated and at worst, pure bs. I don’t know what the actual, facts-on-the-ground are, and neither do you, despite what you claim to have heard from friends living somewhere-or-other in Ukraine. Specific, personal anecdotes are highly untrustworthy–no matter from which side and from what source. Expats, even worse. I cast a highly skeptical eye on “from-the-ground” reporting and personal anecdotes provided by RT too, and they’ve been providing a lot of that sort of thing. They might be hones and accurate, they might be completely staged–I don’t know and neither do you.

      So I ask myself about the track record, veracity of the various sources; RT, even Putin, can be legitimately suspected. (Although I put to you a question re Vladimir Putin–whatever you might think of him, if he were, in fact, a true Statesman, acting in the best interests of the Russian People, how would his actions be different from what we have seen?)

      I don’t know who is telling the full truth, if anyone. But I’ve got a pretty damned good idea who’s lying through their teeth–we in the West have become used to that, whether we realize it or not.

      Frankly Vlad, I’m surprised at you–really–very surprised. How long have you lived in the US? I know you to be a highly-intelligent, informed (I thought) person, someone I’m proud to know and for whom I have much respect. (I still do, btw.) But this! Have you been seduced by the MSM constant saturation of talking point lies, given to them by neocons, and worse?

  2. Vlad Jersian says:

    Chrystia Freeland is a much more reliable source of information about what is going on in Ukraine. I was introduced to her as an expert on Plutocracy and Income Inequeality but she also now happens to be part of the Canadian Government who has spent much time in Ukraine..

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