What’s Next for Ukraine?


Zombie protest marks visit of IMF Chief to Manila

The government of Ukraine has fallen, Arseniy Petrovych Yatsenyuk has been chosen to be the interim prime minister, and extreme right-wing groups have taken their share of power. The Yatsenyuk government in Kiev has so far banned the Russian language from official use and is promising closer cooperation with the West, NATO, the EU, and the IMF. Yatsenyuk has already been begging in Washington, DC to John Kerry and Barack Obama.


What does all this mean for Ukraine?

First off, Ukraine has still not been invited to join NATO or the EU, and they shouldn’t hold their breath!

William Engdahl:

The EU is bankrupt, they have nothing to offer. What are they going to give Ukraine, for God sakes?


Polish Foreign Minister Sikorski: ‘Moscow Needs Our Money’, from der Spiegel:

Sikorski: …whether they are in the East, Ukraine or in Belarus, we cannot forget that there are people…

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