Ukrainian uprising / coup: Some things you may have missed.



The situation in Ukraine over the past several months has been complex and remains so. Here are a few items of news you may have missed.

1. Euro-Maidan – brought to you by CHEVRON!

Just before the Maidan protests in Ukraine were beginning, Chevron was cutting a deal that would allow them to start fracking in western Ukraine. This would be the beginning of a process to reduce the dependence of Ukraine and Europe on Russia for natural gas.

From The New York Times, Nov. 2013:

Western oil companies trying to find shale gas in Europe are discovering that Ukraine, eager to reduce its dependence on Russian energy imports, is one of their most willing partners.
Chevron signed a 50-year agreement with the Ukrainian government to develop oil and gas in western Ukraine. The government said that Chevron would spend $350 million on the exploratory phase of the project and…

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