Interview: Former Soviet Republics, Current Russian Allies Are U.S./NATO Color Revolution Targets

Antiwar literary and philosophical selections

Voice of Russia
February 23, 2014

Soviet Republics and Russian allies US/NATO color revolution targets – Rick Rozoff
John Robles

Recorded on Februay 18, 2014

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Part I

It is unprecedented that simultaneously three countries that are allies of Russia are being threatened by color revolutions: Venezuela, the Bosnian Serb Republic (Republika Srpska) and Ukraine. These synthetic uprisings orchestrated by the US/NATO/EU would have been identified as the uprisings of fascistic guttersnipes 100 years ago, but in 2014 they are being portrayed as democracy or freedom movements, by the same people who are organizing them to destroy country after country. Voice of Russia regular contributor Rick Rozoff says that if something like this was to happen in Washington, London, Paris, Berlin or Rome, this would not have been tolerated for hours, much less days, weeks and months.

Mr. Rozoff also stated that since the fragmentation of the Soviet…

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2 Responses to Interview: Former Soviet Republics, Current Russian Allies Are U.S./NATO Color Revolution Targets

  1. Ginger Christensen-Kondash says:

    I can’t believe I almost spoke these exact same words last night about 3:00 am. I was tell another person Carey if you care to look him up in my circle that this conveniently was orchestrated like something from ‘Wag the Dog’ but real people are dying. The plan all along was to have happen during the Olympics while all eye were distracted and Putin wanted to look like a hero and not the aggressor. All countries wanted to look innocent while playing dirty and shining gold and silver on TV. People are sheep to think that there has not been a plan and things are not connected. I hope you will take time to read what I wrote about my children and what is being taught in school with regards to the common core. I feel it’s a form of censorship and control and conservative America fear Socialism….call me what you will but the Tea Party scares me as a group that is so fundamentally flawed that it’s views are similar to those of Nazism. Is this too extreme a view of what has gradually progressed simultaneously as we have moved forward on progressive issues there has been a sinister under current working the opposite direction within government to take us the opposite direction and we have been so caught up in the progress, distractions and detractors.

    • rolandrjs says:

      Ginger, thanks for your comment. I think your analysis is exactly correct. Not too extreme at all. But I think this trend can be reversed; we can still stop most of the horrible things that the present holds and the future portends. Also, where you use the word “government” (” …opposite direction within government to take us …”), I would include “transnational corporations, mainstream media, arms manufacturers, the largest banks, and even institutions of higher learning (in part). In my view, what comes out of the Federal Government in the USA, in, increasingly in Western Europe–right now France, especially–is mostly the directed and desired product of the other forces listed above. (You probably took that as assumed; too obvious to mention–I just wanted to emphasize the point.)

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