Georgia: Command And Staff Course Held At NATO Liaison Office

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Ministry of Defence of Georgia
February 17, 2014

Command and Staff Course at NATO Liaison Office


Informational and educational course for the sergeants of Giorgi Antsukhelidze NCO Training Center was opened at NATO Liaison Office today. The seminar held within the project “Our European Choice: European Values, Euro-Atlantic Integration” aims to deliver information to the sergeants on the foreign policy priorities of Georgia.

34 sergeants of Command and Staff Course of NCO Training Center are undergoing three-day seminar. The sergeants of the levels of company, battalions and battalions’ staff, as well the various departments of General Staff of GAF attend the course.

Director of Information Center on NATO and EU Elene Gotsadze opened the seminar. While delivering a speech she focused on Georgia’s foreign policy priorities and strategic choice. The speakers – Co-Director of “Strategic Research Center” and Deputy Head of Coordination Department of the Office of Georgia on European…

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