Excuse Me, But You’re Writing History

Cheri Speak

Not everybody writes about news or current events, but those who do are writing history. Every post and page is its own legacy whether it has one reader or millions of readers. It touches [and taints] whomever it reaches which means it also touches [and taints] history itself. It also has the power to touch [and taint] the future by way of forming ideas, opinions and even deep-rooted beliefs.

What “history” are you creating? Are you being socially responsible?

Prolific Little Historians

With so many people blogging and/or using social media, it is important that we stop for a moment and reflect on what the goal is and to be certain, you should have a goal.

On WordPress alone there are more than 71,813,383 blogs  with more than 35 million posts being made a week. Add TUMBLR, Blogger and a slew of other available platforms and one…

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One Response to Excuse Me, But You’re Writing History

  1. Cheri says:

    Thank..you…I think this is an important mssg

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