History Will Absolve Me: Sixty Years Later



Today marks the 60th anniversary of Fidel Castro’s famous “History Will Absolve Me” speech, given in his defense during his trial following the unsuccessful guerrilla attack on the Moncada barracks on July 26 of that year. The complete speech, which was transcribed after the fact entirely from memory, is available herein English andaquíen Castellano, and below I am highlighting certain extracts which I think are still critically relevant today. To mark this occasion, one source of inspiration has been this year’s publication of Arnold August’s Cuba and Its Neighbours: Democracy in Motion(Zed Books, Fernwood Publishing); chapter 5 (Democracy, Elections and the New State) begins with a few pages devoted to describing and analyzing the significance of the Moncada assault and the “History Will Absolve Me” speech.

fidel_cuba_2As Arnold August explains in his important new book, the current debate about democracy, elections, and the…

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