Encircling Empire: Report #22—Freedom, Democracy, Human Rights, and Ice Cream



Freedom, democracy, and human rights–concepts deployed by the officialdom and corporate media of American Empire as if they were to be understood as singular and universal, with the U.S. cast as the zenith of achievement on these fronts, are concepts that heavily mark many of the unfolding events that have transpired since the last report. This report then is as much about the impoverishment of the dominant discourse in North America, where the idea of “democracy” has been narrowed and reduced to some illusion of “liberal democracy” alone, as it is about the many ways the attempt to colonize understanding and marshal knowledge are frustrated by the complications and complexities of reality.

“Freedom, democracy, and human rights” are signals of the ways the U.S. seeks to multiply its access points in other societies where the U.S. situates its “interests.” While spoken of as unproblematic, uncontested, easy-to-define concepts, in reality…

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