I Died For Our War Crimes



Troops are the new disposable items of a militarized consumer society that devours without care for consequences. There are always consequences. The destruction wrought by the U.S. on other nations, comes back home. This is a consistent fact of all wars, and it is especially true of imperial wars of choice. “Thank you for your service” is an excellent way to insult and discard those sent by empire to kill and maim others who never attacked the U.S. That phrase can be a subtle, implicit reminder of the new social pact that dominates North American society: war is produced and presented as a given; the ruling elites cart off the troops because what is unstated is that it is the troops’ primary purpose to advance and defend the reputations, revenues and careers of those who order them to war; meanwhile, the majority that is not drafted and never…

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Progressive Political Activist, Attorney. Musician, Curious mind, Philosophy, Literature, Art, Nature, Wilderness, Wonder.
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