Leo Tolstoy: Idealization of military malefactors is shameful

Antiwar literary selections


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Leo Tolstoy: Selections on war

Henri Troyat: Thoughts stop with a shock: War!

Russian writers on war


Henri Troyat
From Tolstoi (1965)
Translated by Nancy Amphoux

Painting by Ilya Repin


At the sight of Napoleon’s tomb, he was seized with indignation…How could a people who claimed to be peace-loving, freedom-loving and reason-loving dedicate this haughty sarcophagus in red porphyry to a man who had drenched all Europe in blood? “This idealization of a malefactor is shameful,” he thought. He scowled furiously at the names of the victories carved in the walls of the crypts…He left in a rage, and the sight of two old disabled veterans sunning themselves in the courtyard merely fanned the flames of his wrath. That evening the man who had once sung hymns to the bravery of the Crimean troops – whatever their nationality –…

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